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XRTY WebAR - Quick publish

Publish images, videos & 3D models in AR on the Web / XRTY viewer with simple 3 steps, 1. Choose widget, 2. Upload content, 3. Ready to publish

XRTY - AR Campaign - Edge processing

 Create Quick WebAR / Native AR campaign without writing code, Client Web apps / XRTY viewer and front-end media processing components can load quick and user can share links to social media

XRTY- AR Campaign - Low cost

A simple and cost effective solution for AR digital marketing campaigns, business card, catalogue, hotel menu card, wedding cards, story books, social media poster and more...

XRTY WebAR - Easy Publish

Create Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign without code

Seamlessly integrate our technology into WebAR bring a new vision to your digital campaign. XRTY platform system is easily integrating with your media content in just 3 steps.


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Providing a taste of your product Online


While selling accessories in online shopping website / mobile app, have you ever faced any challenge to imagine whether the accessory will suit your customer home interior or not? If yes, then XRTY AR has good news for you. Many apps today are utilizing AR to help you visualize how an item would look and feel in your existing environment. But user need to install that app from store and register their account using email address or phone number to visualise AR experience. XRTY is single page AR app solution to experience with quick AR View. just choose your specific AR widget and upload your product content (3D model / Image / Video ) and submit. that's all.. your single page AR app is ready to publish.

You can try apps as below to see how it's giving you a taste of products without actually owning them. In Face AR sample you can see yourself wearing accessories inside the WebAR app, and that will give you an idea of which accessory will suit you the best. WebAR tap to place app lets you see which product will suit your physical place and in that you can see through the app how your room might look like after placing virtual product. So these apps are trying to boost the buying decision by giving them an experience of their product.

XRTY App - AR Digital Campaign - Quick view
 XRTY App - AR Digital Campaign - AR Widgets

 We have both WebAR / Native AR widgets to create AR campaign, if you choose WebAR widget then no need to install any apps, WebAR campaign will work with Chrome and Safari mobile browser. "XRTY Viewer" Native AR app (IOS, Android) required for Native AR widgets campaign, user can easily download this app through campaign link.if already installed then AR campaign link will be open instantly with XRTY viewer without any registration or onboarding screen, you can change content at any time from edit campaign page. use google analytics tracking code to get full analytics reports for your live campaign.

Custom WebAR / NativeAR App Development

Are you looking for the best technology firms for creating attractive augmented reality applications for your business? XRTY is the correct choice; it is the leading company aim to offer attractive Augmented Reality solutions with latest technolgies for different industries. The dedicated Augmented Reality (WebAR/NativeAR) developers team at XRTY committed to offering different services right from gaming to educational, marketing campaigns, real estate, medical applications etc..  


XRTY WebAR App Development


 WebAR Image Target - Tutorial


XRTY App - WebAR - Image Target - Video
XRTY App - WebAR XRTY App -WebAR - FaceAR - Face Filter
XRTY viewer - Image Target XRTY viewer - Image Target  XRTY App -WebAR   XRTY App -WebAR - FaceAR - Face Filter 
https://xrty.app/xr/?id=76  https://xrty.app/xr/?id=111 https://xrty.app/xr/2/?id=55
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XRTY App - WebAR - Image Target - 3D Model XRTY App - WebAR - Image Target - Video XRTY App - WebAR - Image Target - Video
XRTY WebAR - Image Target XRTY WebAR - Image Target XRTY WebAR - Image Target XRTY WebAR - Image Target  XRTY WebAR - Image Target XRTY WebAR - Image Target
https://xrty.app/xr/?id=71 https://xrty.app/xr/?id=72 https://xrty.app/xr/?id=74
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